The Raw Truth about believing in yourself during Covid-19. Being productive, positive & confident.

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It was now time to return back to work.😱

Summer was over and we were now in September.

3 trains and 3 buses one way 😱. This was my reality and forget social distancing because this did not exist but I had to stay positive even though I could feel every breath from the people sitting next to me without their masks and standing over me like they had been running in a marathon.

The reason why I want to share my experience with you all is because I would like to help other's who are in a similar situation to mine.

My body was still sore but there was alot of manual work to do but never the less I cracked on with it.

The day's of being able to #meditate during my lunch break was all gone as I was moving rooms. I would definitely recommend #classicalmusic, #guidedmeditation or a form of #exercise during the course of your working day as this releases happy #endorphins

Over the next few months everything went down hill and I mean literally.

💥A golden tip of life. PREVENTION.💥

What do I mean when I say this?

Not every fight is YOUR fight.

Sometimes it's best to walk away and DON'T GET IN THE RING.

You may have things to consider, money, home and the family but your #MENTALHEALTH comes first.

Walk away from the drama especially if it is at work because you spend most of your waking days there.

You have a duty of care to YOU and I don't put your life or well-being in the hands of any other.

At the end of this blog I will share with you my experience at this stage but let's continue on so I may share with you more tools used in alleviating my issue's ".

Its wasn't long before I got the second dose of #Covid19 but this time it didn't seem so fatel as I wasn't trapped in bed.

On the second day I was panting with each breath I made as it hurt so much. I focused gently on my breath and I tried to lengthen each one by not focusing on the pain. It was like this for 2 days. As I breathed in, I felt love and as I breathed out, I released a segment of pain.

One of traits of this second wave of Covid-19 was chronic stomach pain with or without diarrhoea. 😫

💥#cinnamon in tea or water was a great help for me.

💥 In my meditation classes we do the #BodyScan meditation and it is such a powerful tool to use.

This allows you to be aware of my feelings and what is actually going on in my body.

When you do this technique DON'T engage with what you find.

If you find something that needs medical attention then please speak to your doctor or healthcare practitioner.

💥 Focusing on positive thoughts is key.

"Identify your problems, but give your power to the solutions by Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is an amazing #LifeCoach and has truly inspired me along the way.

This is such an amazing quote as his word's are so on target.

At this point I was in isolation for 10 days as the whole family had caught this wretched thing. The speed that it transmitted to one and then the other was scary but what was really on my mind was returning back to work.

How did I not transfer my fear into #negative thought's?

💥I reframed my thoughts from thinking of all the worst scenarios and I would tell myself that my life was to be lived. Not to be scared but to change my language and sentences completely 360 degrees around.

So, it would seem on the outside that I was well but on the inside I felt like my body was drifting into #unconscious. I can't express the pain in my bones and Joints as it was so painful. It was a pain that lingered for months and it was deep to the core of me.

HEAT, that's what I needed, so I applied my hot water bottle to my back which helped a great deal.

In #LifeCoaching I also stress to my clients that movement is really important and so is stretching your body everyday and now I needed to put this into action myself.

💥Every morning I would stretch towards the sun.

💥Not forgetting my positive affirmations but I want to share something with you that will help you on a deeper level.

I talked about guided meditation and yes, it's a very powerful tool. It is very easy to apply.

The best time to do this is in the night.


Because your conscious mind goes down and your #subconscious mind comes to the surface.

You subconscious mind will not REJECT the information that you feed it. It will believe you.

So this is why it is so important to go to bed with happy thoughts.

All these tools were so useful.

It was now time to return to work.😱

I think I needed Gas and Air at this point because the fear was kicking in more than having a baby.

First day back a few people sat next to me on the trains and there was no where for me to go. I had to stay where I was.

The month's at work were #stressful, long and hard but not just because of travelling but because the culture had changed and the dynamics had been altered.

I was lonely, sad and hated being me once again in my life time because I was tolerated and not appreciated.

4 WEEKS LATER .........

A lump appeared on my neckline..........

Stay tune for Part 3.

Peace & love

Veronica Hurley

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