The Raw Deal about covid-19, productivity & keeping my Mo-Jo.

PART 1 :

Many of you have heard me write and speak about how to be more focused, productive and motivated but when you are faced with Covid-19 at any time in your life your mind automatically focuses on the pain that you may experience.

The aches and pains in your body that are much more than the flu. Your legs wobbling like jelly but where is your mind in the midst of all this ordeal ?

Can it be motivated and think productively ?

Yes, it can but one of the most important elements that you should have in the forefront of your mind is your HEALTH.

Without your health no amount of money means anything.

Joy comes with good health.

Love comes with good health.

Peace comes with good health.

To live that extraordinary life that you want you must have your health.

That's the TRUTH.

So, I motivated myself by thinking of ways to get better. Trying to keep the negativity at bay but also not to let that overwhelming feeling be my state of being.

Being able to share these simple strategies with you all is my pleasure and a blessing to take another breath of life.

I meditated and prayed especially when one night it felt like I had a golf ball stuck in the middle of my throat. I also drank lots of hot lemon and fresh ginger tea.

One of the great things about your senses is that when you smell calming scents it tremendously helps your mindset.

Even though I was drifting in and out of sleep every morning I would get in the shower and use Eucalyptus oil which helped me breath.

I would use Lavender oil at night and rub the Eucalyptus with a base oil on my throat and chest.

Those days in isolation away from my children and family were really hard but I used that time to be mindful of my thoughts because it would be so easy to think about the negative aspects of Covid-19.

So I didn't watch the NEWS.

This protected my mind and thoughts as I believed that I was going to be ok banishing any negative beliefs as they tried to raise their ugly heads.

But Guess what helped me the most ?

Speaking to my friends and family even though I was in isolation and in chronic pain. Even though it felt like I had been in the ring with Mike Tyson their words soothed me and kept me going.

Never underestimate care and empathy. You need these two remedies when it comes to your well-being and your mental selfcare.

Fear was lurking around the next chapter but I soon blasted them away with more prayer and affirmations which enabled me to travel back to work on my six hour Journey a day.

Yes, you heard me right, 6 HRS A DAY .

My WHY motivated me to return to work without fear and in my subconscious mind I believed I would be ok, NOT!

There is more to this story so watch out for PART TWO.

Stay tuned!

Peace & Gratitude.

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